CyTargetLinker provides the following API functions:

applyLayout (applies force-directed layout)
applyVisualStyle (creates CyTargetLinker visual style and applies it to current/specified network)
extend (extends the current/specified network with first neighbour nodes from selected link sets)
filterOverlap (hides interactions if not enough link sets support the interaction)
showPanel (shows/hides CyTargetLinker result panel)
version (returns the version of CyTargetLinker app)

When Cytoscape is running and you have the CyTargetLinker app installed, you can check the Swagger documentation by going to

Help -> Automation -> CyREST Command API

If you go to the cytargetlinker section, you can expand each function and retrieve detailed documentation on the function and its parameters. The swagger documentation will always provide the current up-to-date documentation for the app version that you have installed.

Screenshot of the swagger API: CyTargetLinker API