CyTargetLinker app

Dr. Martina Kutmon and Dr. Susan Coort

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  • Martina Summer-Kutmon - Main developer of CyTargetLinker
  • Susan Coort - Support and project design
  • Thomas Kelder - Development and support
  • Pooja Mandaviya - Development during her Master Internship
  • Naime Douallin - Development during her Bachelor Internship

How to cite

Martina Kutmon, Thomas Kelder, Pooja Mandaviya, Chris T. Evelo, Susan L. Coort (2013) CyTargetLinker: A Cytoscape App to Integrate Regulatory Interactions in Network Analysis. PLoS One

CyTargetLinker tutorials

  • Tutorial 1 - How to extend a set of microRNAs with regulatory information
  • Tutorial 2 - How to extend a biological pathway from WikiPatways with regulatory information (soon to be added)

Project Website

All the needed information on the CyTargetLinker app is available at the
Project Website